Kayla Manning Mobilization Director

Kayla is a graduate of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and grew up attending a Christian church and school until she moved to Minneapolis. Despite biblical teaching and a Christian environment, Kayla didn’t fully understand the gospel of grace and what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ until the end of her junior year of college. Through relational evangelism with her teammate on the rowing team and this ministry of hard gospel conversations called Campus Outreach (CO), God revealed her sin and her need for a savior. At Summer Training Project in the summer of 2012 through CO, Kayla finally heard that hope is found in Christ alone and that there was no need to perform for his affection. That by His grace she has been saved and not by her own works. She is hoping to share this same freeing message of grace and love with college students in Charleston. Please keep Kayla in your prayers as she goes out sharing her ministry vision with family and friends.