Helping Broken People Treasure Jesus

4/18/2021 - 9/26/2021

In This Series

  1. Helping Treasure Jesus
  2. Broken People
  3. Helping BROKEN PEOPLE Treasure Jesus
  4. The Blessedness of Discipline from the Loving Hand of Abba Father
  5. Let the Bones You Have Broken Rejoice
  6. How a Broken Person Prays
  7. How a Broken Person Prays, Part II
  8. Restore My Joy!
  9. Placing Yourself in the Path of Blessings/Happiness (?)
  10. Uphold Me With A Willing Spirit (How To Be Battle Ready)
  11. The Joy and Gladness of Forgiveness of Sin (and the Response to Forgiveness)
  12. How to Live as A God-Honoring Citizen Under the Banner of the Lordship of Christ
  13. Preparing for The Coming Week, Month, Years in Kingdom Living
  14. Resolutely Contending for the Faith
  16. Building with Strength
  17. Serving Our Generation With Mercy
  18. Going Forward Under the Banner of the Gospel of Grace
  19. A Seriousness Which Leads to Serving Others
  20. Incredible Joy and Unswerving Purpose In the Journey
  21. Strength and Joy for the Journey
  22. Comfort Generously Poured In By The Father To Be Poured Out To Others