Happiness Revealed

2/12/2023 -

In This Series

  1. Seeing Jesus Clearly: Four Responses to Jesus
  2. He Saw Everything Clearly
  3. Seeing Jesus Clearly: Understanding and Applying the Wonder of the Cross
  4. Seeing Jesus Clearly: The Call to Life Enhancing, Eternity-Focused Obedience
  5. Seeing Jesus Only and Listening to Him
  6. Seeking Jesus: Yesterday's Manna Will Not Do
  7. Seeing Jesus: The Upside, Counter-Intuitive Kingdom
  8. An Urgent and Gripping Illustration Regarding a Life of Service and Role Modeling in the Kingdom
  9. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made…and Eternally Significant
  10. Be Salty (and take pains to maintain your saltiness)
  11. “But From the Beginning of Creation…” (the Gospel Restoration of Marriage)
  12. Receiving Indignation or Experiencing the Glorious Embrace
  13. How Really (Societal Approved and Observably Right Living People), Really, Really Good People Enter the Kingdom of God
  14. “Aslan, You are Bigger…” (Discovering the Death of Kingdom Living)
  15. …and With Persecutions (Mark 10:30)
  16. The Sons of Thunder Are Transformed by the Gospel of Grace
  17. The Upside Down Kingdom
  18. The Type of Faith and Praying Which Are Pleasing to the Lord